How can I book Katie Williams Photography?

You are able to book Katie Williams Photography by email or through Facebook. Please note: Quote 'Website offer - Engagement' to receive a free 30-minute session on location (usually at Barnsley or Wakefield or a location of your choice), an online gallery to view your images, plus your images being on your wedding USB/disk.

How much do we need to pay for the deposit/booking fee?

A booking fee is required to secure your wedding booking, it is non-refundable. Without paying the booking fee your date is not secure and another bride&groom are able to take the date if they pay the deposit first. Once it is paid, your date is secure. Deposits change depending on the package your but it is between £150 - £255.

How far will you travel?

I tend to cover my local areas including: Barnsley, Wakefield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Leeds, Sheffield and Castleford; however I am able to cover other locations. Locations out of an hours radius will require paying extra for travel coverage. Please do ask if I cover your area, so I can quote.

How long until we can see our wedding photographs?

It depends. This is due to have many weddings I have booked throughout the year as well as if your wedding is a half day or full day booking. Usually anything between 4 - 12 weeks. If any longer I will let you know directly.

Do you have an assistant?

I don't have a 'second shooter' at weddings, I tend to have an assistant to help carry my equipment so I don't need to worry about leaving it in places or having to struggle around the venues. However, I do set up my assistant at the back of your church with my second camera, just to get a few shots at the back of the church/ceremony location. They are also a great help during the group shots as well as they help to organise people if I have a list ready.

Should we provide you with food at our wedding?

Yes please! A lot of people don't think about feeding us photographers, but please take into consideration that we are usually photographing/working from 9am - 8.30pm on a long day package. If you've not eaten all day, myself and my assistant haven't either. We really do appricate if two meals are provided. This is now included in my package prices and in my contracts.

Can we choose the photos for our album?

Yes! Of course you can. Each album will have a key number of images that it will hold which I will discuss with you around the time of choosing.

Do we have to agree to you using our wedding as part of your advertising?

No, you don't but I'd love to be able to show of your work! I already have permission slips for you to fill out but now due to the 'Privacy Policy' you have every right to say 'no' to your wedding photographs being used as part of my advertising. Whether it being on social media such as Facebook, my website, Instagram or Twitter as well as using them in my own sample albums/prints.

How long do you cover a wedding for?

Typically bridal prep begins very early for brides and their bridesmaids, which is why I ask to arrive at least two hours before your wedding ceremony, which can begin at 9am. This could last up until 8.30pm which is usually how long I am booked for. It could be anything from 2 hours coverage to a 12 hour day coverage.

Should we provide you with a list of 'key photos' we want? (Family/friends shots)

Yes please! Please take into consideration I don't know your family. I've most likely only met yourself (bride, groom or both), so having a list is wonderful as it means I can read names out for you to then direct at the wedding when we do your group shots. It makes it stressful for not only myself but the newlyweds!

Can we have a pre-wedding shoot?

Pre-wedding shoots are within the 'Ultimate Platinum' package only. This offer only lasts limited time only once booking is secured. You can also grab a free 30-minute session on location if you Quote the below... Please note: Quote 'Website offer - Engagement' to receive a free 30-minute session on location (usually at Barnsley or Wakefield or a location of your choice), an online gallery to view your images, plus your images being on your wedding USB/disk.

What equipment do you use?

I use a Canon 70D and Canon 6D mark II, as well as multiple lenses and flashes.

Do you have any insurance?

I am insured by AXA Business Insurance for Public Liability.

What is your style of wedding photography?

My style of wedding photography is 'natural' and a 'documentary' approach which means a natural reflection of your whole day and capturing everyone having a wonderful relaxed day. You'll hardly know I am even there! My favourite types of shots are the 'couple' photos as we can get more creative and feel more relaxed without your guests. As for the group shots you can choose as many and as little posed shots as you'd like. I will try my best to photograph everyone at least one from your big day!

Privacy Policy

For past and fututre clients, due to the new GDPR/Privacy Policy. The information I hold is your name, address, telephone number (mobile or home) and email address should you provide it to me. I will never pass on any of this information and it is all stored on a secure server and password protected. The only information I currently hold is for previous wedding clients within the last 5 years and current clients. I am the only person who has access to these documents and I will never share it with any third parties. I have permission forms to use your wedding photographs on social media. I keep invoices and receipts for HMRC records only. If any past or current client doesn't want me to contact them via text, phone, email or Facebook Messenger I will delete any contact details I currently have for you.

What if I am out of your usual radius?

Barnsley, Wakefield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Leeds, Sheffield and Castleford are typical locations. I aim to keep travelling under 1 hour from my home location to your venue(s), if you are further out I will quote you on petrol. Some locations could include booking a hotel overnight to make sure I am at your venue on time. I will add hotel rate onto your payment (travelodge or premier inn - which ever is the cheapest stay for the night).

What is our thoughts on 'unplugged' weddings?

What does 'unplugged' mean?
- An 'unplugged' wedding ceremony means asking your guests to turn off any electronic devices: Phones, tablets, cameras etc. They are then able to watch your whole ceremony with their eyes and living in the moment with you, rather than watching it on their screens while they take a video or photo throughout your ceremony. - As your wedding photographer, the most frustrating thing is when 'I' get obstructed by someone wanting to take a photo of you, as newlyweds, walking up the aisle or if I am at the back of the church/ceremony room it's also frustrating seeing phones obstructing the aisle. How can you make your ceremony 'unplugged' ... ? - You have a number of options to do this in a kind manner to your guests. There are companies who make 'unplugged' signs for you to display at your wedding ceremony venue. You can ask your vicar/registrar to announce that bride & groom have requested the 'unplugged'. Finally, you could leave a note within your invitations. Remind your guests that you have booked a professional photographer (and videographer) who are going to be capturing all of the beautiful moments of your wedding and guests will be able to have access to a gallery at a later date. Before announcing the 'unplugged' ceremony, do make sure that your vicar/registrar does allow your professional photographer to take photographs (some vicars/registrars don't allow this during the ceremony - your guests could potentially provide you with your ceremony photographs). The Advantages These are what I feel are the advantages of having an 'unplugged' wedding ceremony. 1. Your guests will be able to enjoy watching you getting married, rather than focusing on taking a video or photo. 2. Your professional photographer will be able to provide you with your guest's real emotions. 3. Your photographer (and videographer) will be the only two people pointing cameras in your face. You won't be distracted by flashing and beeping while you say your vows. 4. Some brides and groom's don't want photographs on social media, which reduces ceremony photographs being posted online for your guest's friends and family to see. It also allows your photographer to post the next day as a nice surprise for you! (I love posting a few previews the next day for my clients!) 5. Going 'unplugged' reduces your guests stepping into the aisle and blocking your professional photographer's key shots such as your first kiss and walking back up the aisle as Husband and Wife. (As a wedding photographer it frustrates me when phones get in my way of getting a specific shot my client might have asked for). 6. Unplugged means that there will be no awkward phone noises (phone calls, text messages etc). 7. Your guests will purely be connected to you becoming Husband and Wife! There will be no distractions. 8. You'll get the shots you asked your professional photographer not to miss: first kiss, etc. The Disadvantages 1. From experience, I know that within weddings there is a member of your family or a friend who might be interested in photography so take their camera to take some shots for you. They could take offence if you say you are having an 'unplugged' wedding. However, they do have to respect your decision, especially when you've booked a professional photographer to capture your special day. 2. You might not have a professional photographer. A lot of people can't afford to have a professional photographer, so they might depend on their guests taking some videos and photos for them to treasure. My opinion... I personally think it's a great idea to have an 'unplugged' wedding as then your guests can enjoy watching your wedding ceremony without distractions. It will also stop them distracting you. I do tend to see a lot of people trying to figure out their phone or camera and watching the ceremony through their screen instead of watching properly which is such a shame because it's such an important part of your whole day. Unless you decide to make your whole day unplugged then the guests will have plenty more opportunities for selfies with the newlyweds throughout the day.

Is there an hourly rate instead of packages?

YES! New to 2019 will be an hourly rate instead of packages.
A full day service will be £855 (typically a full day coverage), however if you are wanting an hourly rate, it is possible to then add extra's such as albums, wall art etc.